June 12, 2009

Senator Specter, a Statesman Promoting Compromise, but Haunted by his long-ago Kennedy Assassination Theory

Arlen Specter changed the political map. The Republican party blacklisted three Republicans, and Specter responded by becoming a Democrat. Specter, is still trying to mediate (even between Republicans and Democrats), be a healer, and promote civil liberties as he did before. Specter also urges caution and soberness in the pro-Israeli lobby. I, for one, think shrill politics is bad news.

But for those with long memories, something doesn’t fit. Specter, is the author of the Single-Bullet Theory that rushed to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald had no accomplices when he killed President Kennedy.

Specter, currently is pushing Congress to urge the Supreme Court to directly hear ACLU civil liberties appeals (bypassing lower courts), like it once did flag-burning issues. Similarly, he much earlier, grilled Attorney General Gonzales over the firing of six prosecutors and politicalizing the courts. Locally, President Obama is emailing Obama’s former campaign donors to support Specter.

Philadelphia and its suburbs knew Specter for a long time. Many in Bucks and Delaware County leaned toward being Republican or Democrat depending partly on what they thought of Specter.

But events long-ago scramble this picture. After President Kennedy was assassinated, some quickly screamed that Oswald once renounced his citizenship and emigrated to Russia. Suddenly there were pictures of him handing out“Fair Play for Cuba” leaflets. Conservative Cubans claimed that Fidel Castro did it to get even, because the CIA tried to kill Castro, something the American people back then knew nothing about. The Cuban air force was under high alert for a US attack. Specter came up with the idea that three bullets from Osward's gun could have been responsible for all of Kennedy's and Governor Connelly’s wounds, even though two bullets clearly missed. And weirdly in the Twilight Zone that the world was back then. Chief Justice Warren of the Warren Commission went along with it (Earl Warren, the last person one would expect to help cover anything up).

We have to assume that Specter and Earl Warren are the people they dedicated almost their entire lives at being. So something is terribly wrong with US history. Some like Vice President Dick Cheney at first see wrongdoing, such as torture, as a desperate necessary, but it becomes routine and eventually something Cheney brags about advocating. Perhaps Specter’s life is just the opposite. If Specter was somehow involved with wrong, he then spent the rest of his life trying to make sure similar wrongs weren’t repeated. Today, Specter acts like he is trying to save the country without explaining why.

Wrong doing didn’t start with Cheney. Some think it started with the Cold War, but I want to go back to the desperate days of World War II, where horrible precedents got set. During World War II the allies were top-secretly eavesdropping on the Nazi and Japanese secret codes, creating the habit of most people in the government not knowing what was going on. Some wonder if President Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor ahead of time, and Winston Churchill likewise possibly knew that the Nazi’s were planning to level Coventry, but worried about the Nazis guessing that the west was listening.

Ominously the Mafia was also part of the war effort. They exposed Hitler’s agents pretending to be Italian-Americans slipping in at the docks. This was very important. In Europe the anti-fascist underground dropped leaflets off of school stairwells, but when Churchill sent in agents they began to sabotage instead. Nazis in the US could have been taught to slash tires since there was a phony gas shortage to make people conserve tire rubber. Jimmy Hoffa and the Mafia were allowed to seize the Internationalist Teamsters Union to prevent a wartime strike.

Then during the Cold War without any thought of long-term consequences the Mafia flooded the entertainment industry to chase the radicals out, then Joe McCarthyism finished the job.

During World War II radicals were given much coverage in the media. Woody Guthrie once sang former antiwar songs the words changed to fight Hitler songs on all there networks at once. Communists opposed the war during the Hitler-Stalin Pack days, then became the most gung ho. Communists gave the image of now everyone is against Hitler no matter what they thought before.

Anyway with the last CIA declassifications we now know that Oswald had amazingly frequent contacts with the US, Russia, Leftists and extreme Rightist. Only those who were pro-Castro openly didn’t trust him, and attempted to avoid him.

The British declassify documents after 30 years with a lot of fan fair. US secrets dribble out, sometimes a parent or grand parent having no idea that historic events can be depicted differently until someone they get involved with their childrens’ homework, though history now is much less taught.

I contend America is suffering from something a little like a cross between cancer and Alzheimer's. I believe Senator Specter can do something to change this simply by coming clean about all the tension back then, and why he rushed to proclaim, there was a lone assassin. Specter bringing up JFK history will be more likely if us locals urge his to do this, especially those who support most of the things he does.

By Richard Kane

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If the above link sticks, Google, (“What Jane said” “page 6") Jane Roman was a CIA official who knew Oswald before Kennedy died. Jefferson Morley, the above link author was with the Washington Post.

The Mafia and World War II,

Some think E, Howard Hunt’s deathbed claims that Lyndon Johnson was involved explains everything but he played too many games in his life, to trust what he said, thus the main thing he accomplished is to stop people from looking further.
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