July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson and the Double Standard over Pedophile Accusations

I joined those around the world who are standing up for Michael Jackson as a decent person who did a lot for kids. A few are alive today because he paid for a desperately needed medical procedure. But the hypocrisy where the rich and famous are treated by different standards, really troubles me. Also we have laws like Megan’s Law that is changing our system of justice. And also by our government wanting child porn off the Internet, and porn watchers to be punished, it ends up making it easier for counties that oppose all free speech on the Internet.

I wonder if some, in their support for Michael Jackson are saying the child molestation witch hunt has gone too far, without risking heading for a world where children in general would lose their childhood. But I admit something more might be involved that neither I or anyone else seems to have a handle on.

Michael Jackson was hurt by the nagging image that he was a bad person, but many others also have been badly hurt by the hysteria. It’s not only adults. A few times, after seeming a film warning a child molesting, young children without any previous sign of disturbance, or undue hostility, played a game resembling incomplete acts of rape or incest on an infant and ended up in reform school, or hassled and monitored for much of their lives.

In the 60's people began doing away with traditional morality. And many are still arguing whether gay marriage will eventually destroy our society. But some of the problems with children and sex became apparent immediately. Adults jealous of a child they thought might be a rival for their boyfriend’s or lover’s interests, called the child a little slut, and other derogatory comments. If a care giver responsible for a child, was jealous of the child it could be a real nightmare for the child. A young teen with a jealous older lover wasn’t allowed to make new friends. Children in the slums could become valuable money earners, but almost unemployable as they headed for their 18th birthday needing to unlearn casual spending habits, and to appreciate and strive for new low paying means of making money, and being thankful for a little pay instead of being resentful of not getting enough. Strict work laws like our strict child labor laws for child actors might have helped but remember Michael Jackson lost his childhood despite our stricter than most of the world, child labor laws.

So now instead of either traditional morality or free sex, we have pedophile hysteria, where adults can get in trouble and families torn apart for sometimes the vaguest accusation. One well know horror-scenario occurred in Scotland. (Please someone help me google it up.) A grammar school teacher accused a summer camp owner of being a pedophile because he insisted in the official camp photos all the kids had to have their shirts off. The camp went bankrupt as less kids attended and kids began treating him differently, not realizing that he was now acting awkward around them. As he went crazy, he somehow got a machine gun killing the teacher and some of the children in the classroom as well.

More frequent was a Philadelphia example. A distraught women with mental problems gave her two boys away to a convicted pedophile. The police didn’t have the address, and the press was alerted. The first officer on the scene found two dirty, toy-endowed kids, the man never giving them a bath, finding it too awkward. The officer announce to the press that he never did anything to hurt the kids, but was jailed anyway on a stale bench warrant. With myself, a little girl pulled at the cigarette machine knob. I quickly said ooh dirty. The mother looked shocked that I said anything to her child, but then joined me in saying ooh dirty. But at the bus stop she acted scared of me so I went to the back of the bus to get away from them. Many fathers have the beginning of an inappropriate thought toward their child then let their wife raise the child without even remembering why. Child care costs keep rising because some are forbidden to get a job as child caretaker and others avoid the hassle. Hispanic and Muslim culture is warm and lively, but in Anglo-American-Australian culture people are isolated, and much of Western Europe now joining suit. Could pedophile hysteria be one of the reasons why? In North Korea children are starving for food, but in some places elsewhere starving for love.

If Michael Jackson’s Neverland was founded 50-years-ago, children and adults would love it like Hershey Park (the amusement park and the Hershey Candy sampling). Back 50 years ago, not age, but certain actives like getting semen or human manure on one’s body was considered dirty and evil. Sex was considered dirty, but somehow became clean with a marriage vow.

Everything was far from perfect. I know one man at college who never used the group showers. He was small and I wondered if he ever went through puberty. He told me in the boy’s room at high school he was forced to give a blow job to another kid at knife-point, and was teased, hounded by the other kids accused of being a little girl. He dropped out of high school. But managed to go to college without finishing high school

Back then many people were called dirty and evil for very unfair reasons, so instead today many are accused of being evil pedophiles for in some cases equally unfair reasons. Somehow we got to find a morality that makes sense, and we haven’t even begun.

One thing that we certainly don’t need is Megan’s Laws. We rightly get upset when vigilantes in Somalia trying to preserve their tradition, demand the execution of a foreign teacher who allowed a kid to name a teddy bear the name of a prophet. But we allow vigilantes to change our justice system with Megan Laws. Now though precedence there is an attempt to prevent Guantanamo Prison from closing. If this runes Obama’s attempts to get along with the Muslim World, it could hasten currency collapse. Thus our moral hang ups could affect whether we end up starving like Ancient Rome did.

In Hamilton Township New Jersey, where little Megan Kanka lived, three pedophiles lived next door. Jesse Timmendequas and his two roommates who moved in with him. According to the Courier Post the neighborhood boys used to throw rocks at the three men, and the neighbors was suspicious of Maureen Kanka (Megan’s mother’s) claim that she had no idea that pedophiles lived next door, suspicious of her demands for notification laws.

She ran the trial ordering the judge to order the cameras out and the judge compiling with her every demand. Jesse Timmendequas was a milk toast who routinely said “yes” to every accusation against him often contradicting himself when the details of what he was accused of changed. Since Megan’s death, parents who complain, too much about an investigation, become suspects themselves, and this is post-dated back to the Charles Lindbergh’s baby, so called kidnaping and actual murder. But somehow no one took another look into Megan Kanka’s death. According to Wikipedia, and some pro-Megan’s law advocacy sites (Wikipidia changes content from time to time) Megan Kanka bit Timmendequas on the hand. If this was true, x-rays of teeth marks would have been part of the trial, and Timmendequas’s lawyer never would have accused his two roommates of the crime. Also, a shovel seems to disappear even from the on-line copies of the news stories back then. I would try to prove that someone was messing with the official record, but had problems doing that in another matter. I went so far to buy an expensive original historical achieves copy of an article that differed from the on-line article only to have other people remind me that newspapers sometimes have several changes in a print version on the same day. ( I purchased the NY Times, 10-7-82, with the name William Pascual being from the Philippines was part of the print copy but not on-line article on Tylenol Tampering, which was also in the University of Penn “Daily Pennsylvania” student newspaper article. I was, several times in the past, trying to prove that Marcos the dictator of the Philippines was responsible for the poisoned Tylenol, and why the US suddenly sided with the reformers in the Philippines.

Back to the matter on hand, proving the record is being messed with would be a problem, but just think back on why it took two searches of Timmendequas’ house before he was arrested and the attempt of his lawyer to blame his two roommates, to realize that the entire case needs to be reviewed to preserve the Western system of justice. I ask everyone to wonder why x-ray pictures of Timmendequas’s hand with Megan’s teeth marks was not part of the trial. And why the evidence against Timmendequas on the Internet keeps getting stronger as if the Internet was responding like an urban legend.

A lot of people have been hurt by the pedophile witch hunt. Many were also hurt by traditional moral hang ups. A lot of people, especially kids, would be hurt if children in the future were deigned a childhood due to all consenting sex becoming legal. So we need to work toward real solutions to moral issues but while we do it, let’s get rid of laws that violate our system of justice such as Megan’s Law.

Everyone, let’s try to think back to the world we lived in a year ago where if someone came to the defense of Michael Jackson, they too would be pressured to stay away from children. Think of the world 10 years ago where a young boy would be proud instead of traumatized if he had sex with an adult woman, or 30 years ago where if a priest confessed to looking at a child’s sex organ while in confessional, he would be encouraged to pray harder for self-control, but if he had anal sex with a child he would have been quickly thrown in jail. In Philadelphia Cardinal Kroll refused to pay the priest’s legal expansive and after jail the priest was deported back to the country he was born in.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the world we almost had at the end of the 60's where children end mass were in danger of losing their childhood or when a self-proclaimed guru god would choose a young girl she was expected to feel privileged and honored and would herself think that something was wrong with herself if she felt trapped instead.

I apologize for acting like a know-it-all; I hope others speak out with their own insights as well. Perhaps we can have a world in the future where moral values aren’t built of scapegoating someone. All of us who did something to honor Michael Jackson’s memory, let’s find one other person who was harmed by the pedophile hysteria to honor the good some others did for children or help them in some way.

By Richard Kane

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July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson isn’t the only one accused of a sex crime, who basically wants to help kids not hurt them

Many know Michael Jackson, and know that he really wants to help children. And did such things a pay for desperately in the direction of kids troubled him greatly. And whatever people believe he actually did, he clearly modified his behavior somewhat with the idea that if he didn’t do so it might hurt a child.

However the above could apply to many who have been accused of pedophilia. Others, who say something in support of an accused person, don’t have thousands doing likewise like with Michael Jackson and they end up sometimes being accused or suspected themselves if they support too much a friend who was been accused.

This isn’t a call to legalize all consenting sex regardless of age. Children losing their childhood, and slum kids getting a high paying employment only to lose their ability to make a living when they grow up would be a grimmer future. Think of a child who might be afraid to make new friends because his older lover would be jealous. Or an adult jealous that a child they are a care giver of might win the favors of their lover. The adult dating rituals would be especially harsh for young children to participate in.

Nevertheless I think something should be done to lessen the growing throw-away-the-key attitude toward people who we all know far less than Michael Jackson. And perhaps try to figure out what’s really behind the hysterical witch-hunt.

Sometimes for a fleeting moment a parent or care giver might have a thought that they wonder whether it is inappropriate. This may lead to not going in that direction but also to avoiding getting close to a child. Denying the child desperately needed attention. Others especially men might after looking nicely in the direction of a child face suspicion and learn to look the other way. People avoiding the hassles of childcare work, plus those deigned being allowed to do so, means ever more expensive childcare, and Anglo-American culture being far colder than Hispanic or Arab culture. Something is wrong with our attempts to hold on to what is left of our moral order.

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Michael Jackson, Reexamining What it Means to be a Pedophile

Most know Michael Jackson well enough to know he really wanted to help kids, paying for desperately needed medical care. This, whether or not he actually also did things that hurt children. If we knew others who were accused of pedophilia as well as we do Michael Jackson, we’d fine that many are similar to Michael. He thought of himself as a warm and loving human being, proud of giving real warmth and comfort to dying and desperate kids. Whether he actually did something wrong becomes problematic, because our society is switching to orientation as a value for right and wrong. So just finding a child stimulating (according to some people) is good reason for a person to stay away from a child.

Michael Jackson fought for the right to be near kids. Unlike Michael Jackson, most accused of being pedophiles, end up accepting the idea that they are a bad person. He managed to spread his belief that he is a good person to many of his friends and admirers. If someone defends another person without the thousands of other defenders as with Michael Jackson, they would often be accused of pedophilia themselves. I feel we have been going though something like the Joe McCarthy witchhunts, and the once hysteria against gays.

Perhaps I am wrong that support for Michel Jackson has something to do with a lot of people being tired of the pedophile witchhunts.

Had Michael been born 50 years earlier, he would not have to defend himself. Neverland would be a respectable shine for kids like Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, where adults and children alike enjoy the amusement park and candy tours and samples of Hershey’s historic and current candies.

Back 50 years ago, people didn’t care about sexual orientation. Certain very specific behavior was considered awful and disgusting and immoral, like anal and oral sex. Age made no difference. Back then, where Michael might have touched a sick child he was paying for the medical care for wouldn’t be important, but whether semen was touched or spread around or a greater horror back then, anything anal that might have touched human manure.

Straight sex was likewise considered dirty, but became clean somehow though the marriage vow.
There were some horror stories back then. At college, 35 years ago, there was a small student who looked like perhaps he never went through puberty. He was always clean and neatly dressed but had a weird chemical odor about him. He never used the shower room. It turned out in high-school he was forced to give a blow job to another boy in the bathroom at knife-point. Afterwords all the kids teased him as a little girl. He stopped going to high-school, but managed to get into college without finishing highschool. Today things can go in the opposite extreme. A young child after seeing a film warning of molestation, play acting slightly resembling rape or incest on an infant, ending up in reform school or hassled and monitored for many years if not his entire life.

The West thinks it is getting more and more sexually tolerant. But perhaps we are just finding new people to condemn and vilify. Once it was gays, now it’s pedophiles. Clearly if a little girl met a warm and loving sugar-daddy then suddenly feels intense pain between her legs, she would be traumatized by both the pain and the fact that somehow, she looked up to, was hurting her. But most of the traumatized kids face trauma that is caused by the trials, and seeing a friend or relative incarcerated. Some children feel guilty about opening their mouth, and getting a friend or relative in trouble adding to their pain. This feeling of guilt, the convicted person is also blamed for.

We have been going though 40 years of an ever increasing witchhunt. With what was done wrong can get extremely vague. In Scotland, one elementary school teacher accused a summer camp owner of being a pedophile because he always insisted in the camp photos that the boys had their shirts off. Many kids stopped attending camp. The camp went bankrupt. Somehow he got an automatic gun and shot up the classroom, killing the teacher and many of her students. But most of the time those accused of being pedophiles without committing anything specific that could be considered a crime, just learn to stay away from children, or end up punished by sometimes trumped up charges if they don’t.
In Philadelphia a woman with extreme mental problems gave her children away to a man who had been years earlier convicted, or processed for, an incident with a child. The city had an alert but it took over a week to find him. The arresting officer found two dirty, toy endowed kids, the man afraid to give them a bath. And the arresting officer insisted the man never did anything wrong to the kids, but he was arrested and jailed anyway from and old Camden bench warrant, on a minor unrelated matter that turned up.

Some dare to suggest that legalizing all consenting sex, regardless of age would be the solution. But Michael Jackson was denied a childhood just as surely as if he lived in India and was married at the age of seven. If everything was legal, many children would be denied a childhood. A child with an older lover would be afraid to make new friends because his lover would be jealous. There has been incidents in the past where an adult got extremely jealous of a child, who they thought was stealing the favors of a lover. There were incidents where a jealous person was a care-giver responsible for the child, and the child was made to feel miserable.

Today kids in the slums dream of being basketball stars or glamorous diamond studded drug dealers when they grow up. Or in India, due to the movie, Slum Lord Millionaire, India’s poor kids dream of being a movie star. If all sex was legal, a few of them, as children, could become wealthy sex gods and goddesses. But become failures in life as soon as they grow up.

I don’t have a solution. We can’t go back to the old values but the so-called new values don’t add up.

One thing that is clearly not a solution is Megan’s Law. Megan’s laws were started when Megan Kanka was murdered. In the house next door lived three convicted pedophiles. The neighborhood boys used to throw rocks at them. One of them Jesse Timmendequas was a total milk toast who agreed with everything anyone ever told him to. And confessed to the crime because the police told him to.

Maureen Kanka insisted that no one told them that three pedophiles lived in the neighborhood which, (according to the Courier Post) the neighbors were suspicious of. Timmendequas’ lawyer said one of Jesse Timmendequas’ two roommates might have committed the murders. Maureen Kanka ran the courtroom and ordered the cameras out. The judge complying with her every demand. The mother was never accused of being involved. However ever since Megan’s death, parents who are too loud in complaining become the pace of the investigation, or the trial become suspects themselves, even going back before Megan’s death to the Charles Lindbergh child’s murder two generations ago.

According to Wikipedia, and it seems to me doctored evidence, Jesse Timmendequas was bitten by Megan on his hand. But if so his lawyer’s attempts to implicate his roommates instead made little sense and most of the other attempts at proof wouldn’t have been necessary, if he had a child’s bite on his hand, he would have been arrested right away hand instead of the police searching his house twice before arresting him. It seems to me someone is messing with the historic record. Had Timmendequas actually had a child’s bite on his hand, e-rays of his teeth and pictures of the bite marks would have been part of the official record.

In hindsight both before Megan’s death and afterwords, parents are often a primary suspect. It reminds me of the Timothy McVeigh Federal Building bombing. On fleeting conspiracy theory, with McVeigh that one of the conspirators discovered that they were watched and quickly drove a bomb down during the day instead of the original plan at night. The only real evidence is the police have been catching plots early ever since rather than trying to catch people in the act. I wish someone would retrieve the old motor vehicle record’s information to check if Timmndoequas owed a truck I don’t remember this in the original trial. On another mater, the Tylenol Tampering incidents (containing cyanide), which I believe that the Philippine Dictator Marcos was involved in, I purchased the expensive Historic Newspaper Archives issue of the NY Times, 10-7-82, that had an article on William Pascual that differed from the on-line version, and the University of Penn., Daily Pennsylvanian article, only to be reminded that newspapers sometimes have more than one version of an article on the same day. So rather than ask that anyone prove that articles on Megan Kanka were tampered with I ask everyone to wonder why pictures of Timmendequas’s hand with Megan’s teeth marks was not part of the trial.

Thanks to the precedent started by Megan’s Law, Guantanamo Prison might not be closed down and Obama’s desperately needed efforts to befriend the Muslims and prevent currency collapse might not work.

We rightly get upset that vigilantes in Somalia were trying to create their own vigilantes justice by calling to the execution of a school teacher for allowing a child to name his teddy bear the name of a Prophet. But we in the west, in our own way, are trying to hold on to social order by adopting, not just vigilantes demanding, Megan Laws.

Michael Jackson has given the west an opportunity to try to figure out how to end, a 40-year witchhunt with ever expanding interpretation of subtler and subtler versions of child abuse. Perhaps we can find a way of ending this witchhunt without children being intertwined in the adult dating networks.

By Richard Kane
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This is Richard Kane again

My philosophizing and that other others, is partly based of experience. Back in 1973 when I moved to Philadelphia, a new casual acquaintance asked me to give him a blow job I refused because giving blow jobs was considered wrong back then. In hindsight he was possibly under 18.

In 1980 at a news stand where I worked, for several days a very friendly young teen hung around the stand. Then three of his younger friends came around cupping their hands going back and forth from their pants like they were beating off. The friendly kid exclaimed to them “You ruined everything”. I continued to help him several times but from then on only a little.

In 1982, there was a homeless beggar who lived on the street with her kids. A young friend of hers asked to sleep on the floor of my apartment. The pedophile hysteria was too great for me to say yes. I suggested to her the next day that I go to the authorities for help but she warned me that this wasn’t what he wanted and would only run away again. At one point in my life I felt my attitude toward just puberlesing teenage boys was wrong and felt that if I worked with them I might convey the wrong attitude for them to have. At another point I felt a longing to help homeless Brazilian street kids.

I have a friend whose then girlfriend’s daughter used to get undressed in front of him hoping to entice him. He told me, he only found big breasted women attractive. I don’t know what year this all happened in maybe it was before the 70's when the witchhunt started but there was no hint of fear of getting in trouble back then when he was lamenting on his early life. My experiences might have been one-sided but I’m sure not all incidents involve adults pushing kids into an encounter.

I know of one lady who as a child was badly scared by a care giver jealous of her because the adult thought her husband was attracted to the child and I indirectly know of and read about other horror stories. One stated as “that little slut stole my man”. The abuse hurled at a child by a jealous care giver can be terrifying and be overwhelming. I have an urge to ask for the passing of laws controlling adults who are jealous of a child, but realize that this would be about as effective as anti-abortion laws. To a certain extent allowing a jealous adult to call for and obtain punishment on the adult in a relationship with a child, probably cuts down on the jealous rage a child might receive, so to a certain extent the current witchhunt against pedophiles prevents some kids from being badly hurt by jealous adults. But again, we don’t need to change our justice system toward Megan’s Law type laws and other permanent punishment toward certain areas of crimes.

Because we know Michael Jackson personally we know of the tremendous pain the accusation against him have caused him to feel, but there are many thousand of others who have experienced intense pain because they have been branded a pedophile. This in no way equals the small amounts of pain directly caused by these adults. But I guess if you include the pain that children who would have been hurt by jealous adults, if things were legal, a lot of pain children would otherwise experience has been prevented.

I guess I am pretending to be a know-it-all, but if others would open up we could get other real information on this very little understood subject.

Richard Kane

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