July 8, 2009

This is Richard Kane again

My philosophizing and that other others, is partly based of experience. Back in 1973 when I moved to Philadelphia, a new casual acquaintance asked me to give him a blow job I refused because giving blow jobs was considered wrong back then. In hindsight he was possibly under 18.

In 1980 at a news stand where I worked, for several days a very friendly young teen hung around the stand. Then three of his younger friends came around cupping their hands going back and forth from their pants like they were beating off. The friendly kid exclaimed to them “You ruined everything”. I continued to help him several times but from then on only a little.

In 1982, there was a homeless beggar who lived on the street with her kids. A young friend of hers asked to sleep on the floor of my apartment. The pedophile hysteria was too great for me to say yes. I suggested to her the next day that I go to the authorities for help but she warned me that this wasn’t what he wanted and would only run away again. At one point in my life I felt my attitude toward just puberlesing teenage boys was wrong and felt that if I worked with them I might convey the wrong attitude for them to have. At another point I felt a longing to help homeless Brazilian street kids.

I have a friend whose then girlfriend’s daughter used to get undressed in front of him hoping to entice him. He told me, he only found big breasted women attractive. I don’t know what year this all happened in maybe it was before the 70's when the witchhunt started but there was no hint of fear of getting in trouble back then when he was lamenting on his early life. My experiences might have been one-sided but I’m sure not all incidents involve adults pushing kids into an encounter.

I know of one lady who as a child was badly scared by a care giver jealous of her because the adult thought her husband was attracted to the child and I indirectly know of and read about other horror stories. One stated as “that little slut stole my man”. The abuse hurled at a child by a jealous care giver can be terrifying and be overwhelming. I have an urge to ask for the passing of laws controlling adults who are jealous of a child, but realize that this would be about as effective as anti-abortion laws. To a certain extent allowing a jealous adult to call for and obtain punishment on the adult in a relationship with a child, probably cuts down on the jealous rage a child might receive, so to a certain extent the current witchhunt against pedophiles prevents some kids from being badly hurt by jealous adults. But again, we don’t need to change our justice system toward Megan’s Law type laws and other permanent punishment toward certain areas of crimes.

Because we know Michael Jackson personally we know of the tremendous pain the accusation against him have caused him to feel, but there are many thousand of others who have experienced intense pain because they have been branded a pedophile. This in no way equals the small amounts of pain directly caused by these adults. But I guess if you include the pain that children who would have been hurt by jealous adults, if things were legal, a lot of pain children would otherwise experience has been prevented.

I guess I am pretending to be a know-it-all, but if others would open up we could get other real information on this very little understood subject.

Richard Kane

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