July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson isn’t the only one accused of a sex crime, who basically wants to help kids not hurt them

Many know Michael Jackson, and know that he really wants to help children. And did such things a pay for desperately in the direction of kids troubled him greatly. And whatever people believe he actually did, he clearly modified his behavior somewhat with the idea that if he didn’t do so it might hurt a child.

However the above could apply to many who have been accused of pedophilia. Others, who say something in support of an accused person, don’t have thousands doing likewise like with Michael Jackson and they end up sometimes being accused or suspected themselves if they support too much a friend who was been accused.

This isn’t a call to legalize all consenting sex regardless of age. Children losing their childhood, and slum kids getting a high paying employment only to lose their ability to make a living when they grow up would be a grimmer future. Think of a child who might be afraid to make new friends because his older lover would be jealous. Or an adult jealous that a child they are a care giver of might win the favors of their lover. The adult dating rituals would be especially harsh for young children to participate in.

Nevertheless I think something should be done to lessen the growing throw-away-the-key attitude toward people who we all know far less than Michael Jackson. And perhaps try to figure out what’s really behind the hysterical witch-hunt.

Sometimes for a fleeting moment a parent or care giver might have a thought that they wonder whether it is inappropriate. This may lead to not going in that direction but also to avoiding getting close to a child. Denying the child desperately needed attention. Others especially men might after looking nicely in the direction of a child face suspicion and learn to look the other way. People avoiding the hassles of childcare work, plus those deigned being allowed to do so, means ever more expensive childcare, and Anglo-American culture being far colder than Hispanic or Arab culture. Something is wrong with our attempts to hold on to what is left of our moral order.

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