August 20, 2009

Michael Jackson Murdered in a Conspiracy? If so, blaming Dr Conrad Murray is like blaming a US Guard at Abu Ghraib for torture policy

When Michael Jackson died, Michael Jackson’s relatives, especially his sister La Toya, claimed there was a systematic effort to endanger Michael Jackson’s life right before he died.

Claiming entertainment executives much more money from Michael dying then they possible could have from his trouble plagued efforts to go on a new tour. Competent employees were fired or chased away and he was systematically given poor advice to put himself in extreme danger without knowing it. They didn’t say this, but using propofol as a sleeping medicine was dangerous but it would have been far less so if he had a body wire attached to life alert alarms. However, suddenly all talk of a big conspiracy to drastically shorten Michael’s life is gone, as all the blame in being placed on one doctor, Doctor Conrad Murray who had nothing to do with relatives chased away and competent workers fired, and of Michael’s cash on hand being missing. Also Alex Constantine and La Troy (Michael’s sister) think Dr. Alex Farshchian also has some responsibility for Michael’s death,

Their comments brought to my mind, when a friend of mine died after I was systematically prevented from helping him. Had the curtains not be mysteriously drawn for the first time that I could remember, strange for someone who previously needed emergency help soon after catching a cold, I would have seen him laying comatose on the floor. A conspirator who wanted my friend dead kept lingering on my phone, after using it to call someone who supposedly had a key. In frustration I ran to the corner pay phone to call 911. After the police didn’t arrive, I called again begging to find out what was the delay. The 911 dispatcher said that another call came just before yours saying that a man needed to be checked on but it probably wasn’t an emergency and his call took precedence. Maybe it was on my phone. Much more circumstantial evidence of murder that I will get to later but I couldn’t get the police even to review the 911 tapes. And a lawyer said that prosecutors, “don’t want to open up a new can of worms”. I was amazed how many similar stories I bumped into discussing my experience.

Please Michael Jackson’s relatives hire a private investigator to document a conspiracy to drastically shorten Michael’s life. Please someone help be get this essay to them. If Dr. Murray was all alone, he would have wanted Michael to live as long as possible, and have wired him to emergence alert alarms, the kind used in a quality hospital when propofol is used, whether or not he would have tried to lessen the dosage for safety reasons. If other speak out about similar incidents many elderly people would be less at risk, as well as future black entertainers similar to Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix who had similar problems with agents. Jimmy Hendrix’s murder was rumored from the beginning. But now that a well-advertised new book is out, and Michael’s story is related to his, a doctor on duty when Hendrix died, now claims the book is very plausible in suspecting Hendrix had large quantities of wine forced down his throat, since wine was everywhere even in his hair.

Note the new material on Hendrix, and last years expose that was even more extensive and the earlier what was once pre-blog stuff, and realize what strong accusations at the beginning would have led to a modified death report soon after Hendrix died,

If my story, and that of hundreds of others with similar experiences spread the word far and wide, some good witness would come forward on at least a few of them.

Some will say “How do you persecute a murder conspiracy without a murder weapon”. I’m retired, but remember when I was young it was said there was nothing the police could do after you gave a con-artist your money, now prosecuteable years later? Remember when it was first discovered that people got away with messing with a steering wheel and brakes or putting a plastic bag over a victim’s head? In the centuries before medicine, starving a victim was about the only way to murder without a weapon. Now people are dependant upon their heart medication not being switched with another pill or just left out of the morning pill tray and people get into situations, or can be conned into situations, where they will be dependant on an antidote to keep them alive. Fifty years ago you couldn’t prosecute a Southern Lynching, but 40 years after the fact one murderer was convicted. I suspect if they are alive in 40 years some of those, and the companies and groups they represent will be prosecuted. But if we speak up it will be far sooner.

I am infatuated by the possibility that some big shot executive (similar to what the tobacco companies once did) plead guilty to some small charges to prevent murder charges in the more distant future hanging over himself and his company.

I would like to see a private detective hired by the parent’s grill Dr. Murray about the higher-ups. Hopefully Dr. Murray could testify that he was offered a better job if Michael Jackson died soon, their conversations seeming to imply the sooner the better. Since these kind of conspirators are careful not to take unnecessary risk, I doubt if anyone directly said, “I will pay you to kill Michael Jackson”. I also expect Dr. Conrad Murray might honestly testify he didn’t do anything he thought would lead to death under his watch but that if he hadn't been assured of a better job later, he would have likely worried that Michael might die soon, and he lose a substantial income, and probably would have taken steps to assure Michael Jackson stayed alive. I suspect the police are ignoring any oblique statements about the higher-ups, since Dr. Murray probably can't claim anything nearly as blunt as,“I will pay you to engineer Michael Jackson dying”.

When it came to my friend who died, the coroner said he’d do an autopsy report until I told him no poisons would be found. In hindsight I could have suggested an autopsy for missing medication. I wonder in hindsight if an autopsy was actually preformed and conceivable this information known. However I had to call 9ll or take a cab to take my landlord to the hospital five times before, so hiding or distracting him from getting his medication, probably wasn’t necessary. During the hysterical follow up call by me, when the 911 operator said that another call came right before yours and said it probably wasn’t a problem. Too bad I didn’t think at the time to ask whether that call came from 215-387-7907 which was my phone. Every word of the top conspirator, seemed in hindsight to be carefully staged to not be evidence of murder. But careful wording on a 911 recording is frozen for greater understanding as the science of linguistics and brain research on casual conversation improves.

To change the subject with a sad cautionary note. A thrift store who was fighting recycling had bricks thrown the chimney causing the fuel oil to fill the basement. The officer taking the police report refused to write it down as attempted arson, instead labeling it malicious mischief meaning that even if the culprit had slipped and fell, as malicious mischief there would be no attempt to make him state who hired him. The Governor of California who conspires to take government checks away from the helpless, can't possible be charged with murder until long after he leaves office even if there is an entirely new political climate. We have a long uphill battle ahead of us, before professionals will stop routinely trying to find legal ways to get away with their crimes. However by speaking up and networking with each other, we can get some elderly people and perhaps stop one or two black entertainers from being murdered in the future the way Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix were.

The Details of the Efforts to Stop me From Saving My Landlord’s Life Follows:
I lived with the same landlord for 30 years. He had an adrenal gland problem and the dose of the medication he needed had to be carefully increased when he got a cold or flue, or would become disoriented and would face death. Five times I saved his life, four by calling 911, and once by cab to Thomas Jefferson Hospital where when he was finally called and I wheeled him into the examination room, they ripped off his clothes and applied emergence resuscitation he was so close to death. The person who sabotaged my call to 9ll on January 1, 2005, or there abouts, engaged in all kinds of shady dealings like working for the potential new owner while the potential owner had a contract not to pay any money for the property until in part he left the premises.

Midday December 31, 2004 or near that day, my landlord was again sick with some kind of cold or flue, but because the curtains were mysteriously shut on his door which was originally the front door of the house which had eight or so glass panes, it was like he didn’t want to be disturbed, so I didn’t check on him to 9 p.m. in the evening. He mumbled something that seemed to indicate he was still ok. On January 1, 2005, I got no response on the phone or knocking on his door. I ended up yelling, “If you don’t open the door I will call the police and they will break in.” The new handyman was at the front door of the building, supposedly fixing his door bell for over an hour said, Kalvin’s girlfriend Claudia has the key. She lived near by, but I didn’t know the exact address. He wouldn’t give me Claudia’s phone number insisting that I let him in my apartment to call her, refusing to go with me to the payphone on the corner a half a block from 526 S 45th Street in Philadelphia. I wasted precious time finding a 100 ft extension cord I had to sting the phone outside my apartment door, since I never let him into my apartment. He kept talking to Claudia or having a monologue with himself. I decided to go next door to see if the neighbors were home so I could climb outside to the back porch to look in the window. They weren’t home and John Lukins still was supposedly on the phone with Claudia. So I ran to the payphone on the corner and frantically called 911. But it seemed like hours the ambulance didn’t arrived. I made a second frantic call this time from my phone asking where the ambulance was. The dispatcher said, “another call came right before your call and said it was probably wasn’t a problem but someone should check”, and “thus that call took precedence”. If I was alert, I would have asked whether that call came from 215-387-7907 which was my phone, (something I can quickly prove). But the new handyman also had a cell phone that somehow was missing that morning he could have called on, if he was a member of a top notched conspiracy group.

When the police finally broke in, Kalvin Kahn was lying on the floor in sight of the door if the shades weren’t mysteriously pulled down for the first time. Lukins at one point changed his demeanor stopped crying about poor Kalvin and said the tenant on the second floor had important information. She came down when her bell was rung and said she heard a fight two nights before with Claudia. The police officer didn’t seem interested so Lukins went back to sobbing about poor Kalvin. It took about two hours for the corner to come for the body, and Claudia came crying in five minutes later as if Lukins had his cell phone with him all the time. She announced that she was going to nail the door the police broke into shut and you and the other tenant stay out. I took it upon myself to bring her a hammer, nails and two boards, and walked in. Lukins meekly said Claudia wouldn’t want you in here instead of screaming at me to get out like if she wasn’t around. She sort of ignored me, concentrating on looking at the papers in Kalvin’s files. A day later she called Gasparro to take his car out of the garage, information that was in his files, and two days later Lukins and Claudia went to Davis Drugs, and People’s and Kim’s Market crying that Kalvin died of pneumonia (if so, he actually got pneumonia three or four days before he died).

Somehow this allegedly penniless handyman who worked for almost nothing, because Kalvin kept his dogs in an emergency, talked the executor of Kalvin’s estate into letting him stay and clean up Kalvin’s apartment. Then into allowing him to get a welfare check and/or food stamps at that address. Next he moved in moving with a whole bunch of stuff making Kalvin’s huge apartment look stuffed like mine.

A shady international business bought the place with the stipulation that I and Lukins had to be out in order for the sale to be final or even before any payment was made. The lady on the second floor could stay, which was important because Kalvin’s will stipulated that someone should stay and get paid to take care of his cat for the rest of the cat’s life. The executor’s lawyer who knew I was a friend of Kalvin and who knew I helped Kalvin many times had said I could stay, and might have let me stay, despite an offer to buy it only if I leave, if John Lukins didn’t systematically tie his situation in with mine. Lukins put up a huge sign with the new potential owners 800 number on it and refused to move, so the new owner got free use of trying to sell a building without cost. Maybe connected to the later purchaser at a bargain. Welfare records and a huge sign that was put up without permission should be easily documented by checking with the lawyer handling Kalvin’s will, though perhaps it would be difficult to prove my assertion that Lukins put it up. But a truly competent murder investigation would include grilling that realtor.

However, John Lukins did everything to create the image of being a homeless handyman, and writer. He tried to get a friend to store his computer. He cleaned up in front of Sam’s Two Restaurant, a job Eddie once had, and conspicuously cleaned several neighbors’ front lawns. Since he was careful, I’m sure anything he owned was supposedly in someone else’s name, so even convicting him on welfare fraud or contract abuse would be problematic. Every crime covered by a perfect alibi, except murder charges can be applied years later, and with time more and more information could be gleamed from those 9/11 tapes. A weird thought is that Lukins or the conspiracy behind him might have known in advance that the executor was a softy who did such things similar to allowing homeless people to stay in other property he owned.

The conspiracy to kill Michael Jackson could be somewhat similarly intricate, such as an employee concerned for Michael’s safety being falsely accused of theft or some entertainment executive even offering a good job in another city to someone too alert in watching for Michael Jackson’s safety. Please Michael Jackson’s relatives since you had a nagging suspicious dread when Michael Jackson was being kept away from you, please don’t end up satisfied with the arrest of one supposedly lazy doctor. Please people who lost others to a similar fate please help bring the stories together. Kalvin Kahn was very popular with other lawyers who may want to help as well.

by Richard Kane


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