September 16, 2007

Conspiracy against ordinary people

There are real scoundrels like Carl Rove, and Ron Gonzales, who complain of a vast conspiracy, and there are the good guys, Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Paul, who complain that their perfect voting records, and uncompromising stanches keeps getting censored off the news. Unfortunately, there are some politicians, who are slightly above the herd, who have sudden decided to quit government, Colin Powell, John Ashcroft, John Warner, and Chuck Hegel.

No one is urging John Ashcroft to be Attorney General again. Who is urging Hegel or Warner to change their mind about not seeking another term of office, or even to asking Hegel to run for President with Ron Paul as his running mate.

Carl Rove, and Gonzales, is pushing their oppressive agenda just as hard as if they never left. Who cares what Carl Rove's official title is, he keeps doing exactly the same thing as his official job changes. And how come Tony Snow is still the White House Press Secretary despite the fact he officially retired? And Condoleezza Rice the one cabinet member to keeps talking reason to the President, is suddenly off the White House news list?

I am different than all the rest of the conspiracy theorists, I think President Bush is not all bad. He changed policy on North Korea, is decent toward immigration, he and Colin Powell were helpful go-betweens when India and Pakistan were sliding toward war, and after 9/11 started out right by urging people not to deface Muslim businesses. I also admire (even though others disagree) the way he humbly apologized before the King of Jordan. Republican leader Bill Frist was going to follow up with calls for bipartisan detention reform while making a grim speech about the addition Abu Ghraib Photos Congress privately viewed. But before he could call for detention reform, he was cut off the air by a news bulletin of Nick Berg being beheading.

The scoundrels keep lobbying Bush to do a worse job, but the goods guys just condemn Bush, instead of praising him when he does right, and urging him to do better.

Please President Bush, I consider you one of the ordinary people who are trying to do your job. Please, Mr. President, listen to Ms. Rice and bring Powell and Ashcroft back. Please announce a total withdrawal now, conditioned only on Saudi Arabia and Iran announcing a joint proposal as to the logistics. Or al Sadr, and al Jeeanie in the same room together doing likewise. (They somehow got to get along with each other, more than they have to get along with us.) Otherwise I fear al Qaida will stage a show off event just as we are leaving.

I think this fear is behind the hemming and hawing that Hillary and Edwards keep making. Bin Laden wants a world without unrestricted sex, drugs, democracy or booze, and except for outlawing booze, victory seems to be within his reach.

I wrote "Don't impeach Bush" for a two sided debate on impeachment where the con side urges Bush to do a better job, and the pro side to I hope will lament that he isn’t still a football commissioner or wish that as Governor of Texas, he had lobbied for Hispanic rights without also becoming Mr. death penalty. Please someone, I’m not a ventriloquists, please write a gentle” Impeach Bush” proposal for a two sided debate.

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