September 14, 2007

Immigration Crisis - Schwartzenegger is partly responsible

A Two Party System isn't true Democracy, but I fear a Massive Democratic Sweep, Leading to a One Party State.

USA Today had a very detailed and carefully analysis of the immigration crisis, concluding that the problem is what they politely call the “California Recession” driving Hispanics out of California and into small town and rural United States. New immigrants who speak broken English and are unsure with Yankee ways head to the Hispanic centers of the US.

Governor Schwartzenegger of California invented compulsory heath care. We keep you legal for less doesn’t have to mean auto insurance. You are legally required to get health insurance any way you can. If you are real poor and one of your parents isn’t illegal, and fill out a lot of red tape and paper work, the California government will pay for it, or pay part of the costs. Again Schwartzenegger hates pollution, but finds ways for the poorest consumers to pay for the costs. The working poor are being driven out of California.

So now, thanks to Schwartzenegger, a so-called pro-choice, pro-environment Republican, more and more Americans hate Hispanic immigrants, and more and more poor people especially in California hate the environmental movement. He changed the Republican party from a party standing for traditional morality to one embracing the English only movement.

Ronald Reagan created the Reagan Revolution that changed America. He managed to convince a slight majority of Jews and Catholics who used to be extremely progressive to instead vote and work for Republicans. Schwartzenegger since the last election has been driving much of the Catholic Church back into the Democratic Party. True democracies have many parties, the US has two. Cuba and Venezuela have basically one party where it is as hard for a second party candidate to get elected, as it is for a Third Party candidate to get elected in the US. There is a real danger, if the US is still in Iraq that after the next Presidential election, then, after the Democrats screw up the election laws the way the Democrats and Republicans, complicate things for the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, the US will follow the Cuban and Venezuelan path toward one party government. If only 1/4 of the Republican delegates are Ron Paul delegates they might prevent the Republican Party from taking an English only stanch. I hope Ron Paul can save the traditional Republican Party.

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